Plan ahead the future, save today Get the most out of your SW 6010 with AGSHydro
Commitment to your business Whether you win, we win
Simplicity, its best goodness Strawberries with the highest quality produced with maximum efficiency

AGSHydro® is an advanced hydroponic growing system recommended for robotic harvesting. Bed-on hydroponics, an alternative to the traditional system much more competitive, that will earn you twice.

Your Best Ally

Take advantage thanks of mechanization and hydroponics synergy

CYou will be able to grow in high density and cut your growing costs. Forget the tedious task of preparing the beds or the poor soil condition. Using AGSHydro®, you will not have to worry about these issues in several seasons.

Step ahead to the change

Highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Amaze yourself by its simplicity and its flexible installation.

Produce the best fruit and pick it up with the highest profitability. Reach a higher level with AGSHydro®.

Over 90% of your fruit will be available for the trapping elements of the AGB® picking equipment, so you will not wait for the investment return.

With AGSHydro, you will get...
  • ...the most competitive rate.
  • ...increase the number of plants per acre.
  • ...beds closer.
  • ...reduce phytosanitary requirements
  • ...improve the thermal conditions of your crop.
  • ...a system adapted to mechanical harvesting of fruit