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Agrobot - Agricultural robots

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From disruptive but practical approaches, we build smart farming machinery

Discover the new Bug Vacuum

An insect vacuum robot that performs way more efficient, accurate and cost-effective than any other comparable solution.

Navigating autonomously all around, Bug Vacuum saves money to invest in more productive operations. Time for farmers to make the difference.

Lygus BugVac autonomous vacuum robot for pest control
Agrobot autonomous picking machine for farming

Meet the E-Series

The first pre-commercial robotic harvesters for gently harvest strawberries.

From an adaptable mobile platform, robotic manipulators work together to pick just the fruit that meet farmer’s quality standard.

Amaze yourself.

Concept creative idea and innovation wit

We are devoted to help new agri-tech industry entrants, so if you are an enthusiastic innovator as well, learn how we can cooperate to make your ideas happen.

AGROBOT - Your best partner

Experts in mechatronics and pioneers in the field of agricultural robotics, our visionary team is strongly committed to create cost-effective solutions for farmers suffering from labor shortages.

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