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Creative Capabilities

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In agricultural applications like precise weeding, pruning or harvesting, sometimes industrial manipulators are not the most suitable choice, since they do not meet certain project requirements such as cost, dimensions, power or weight.


We design robotics manipulators , whether Linear, Cartesian, or more complex configuration like SCARA or Articulated.

Robotic Arms

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Mobile Robots

All-terrain mobile agricultural operations demand rugged and solid designs to achieve appropriate levels of reliability. Our experience leads us to create lean and ease-to-manufacture solutions.


From simpler approaches like differential steering drive to more elaborate ones, e.g. skid or omnidirectional, we conceive practical platforms to carry implements or any other devices that final applications requires.

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Software Development

Our team’ skills rotate around perception, positioning and motion.

Machine learning running in embedded system is the core of our vision capabilities, like object classification, segmentation and instantiation.


Sensors integration allow us to analyze distances, poses, surfaces and volumes and create motion control systems.

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