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Meet the E-Series

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The first pre-commercial robotic harvesters for gently harvest strawberries.

Adaptable Configuration

Up to 24 independent robotic arms work as a team to pick your fresh produce.


The flexible platform fits into any farming configuration.

Agrobot strawberry picking machine at night

High Reliability

Made of stainless steel and military-grade aluminum, this electric-powered robot can robustly operate with a high degree of precision.

Its self-reliant decentralized arms architecture makes it particularly easy to set and maintain.

Strawberry plant infografy 3D vision system

Real Time AI

On board short-range integrated color and infrared depth sensors to capture all details.


Cutting-edge graphic processing units helps to assess the fruit ripeness.

Gentle Harvest

The Harvester does not contact the fruit. The robotics arms grip and cut the stem and then place into field container for later packing in consumer container.

Agrobot gripper and camera with strawberry

Active Safety

LiDAR sensors take care of the safety for surrounding field workers.


A virtual perimeter stops the harvester, if it is crossed.

Get engaged in our US pre-commercial trials

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